El Esparragal, Latest-Generation Planting

In 2003, the development of a latest-generation planting in Andalusia, in a place of unique conditions (precocity, optimal hours of cold, optimum soil, own water resources, etc.), was agreed. The project shows the development of the first 300 hectares out of 900 to be developed in 3 stages.

 For its design, the most innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies have been contemplated (minimum use of electricity for risk, flora and fauna recovery, implementation of integrated cultivation techniques). Among the cultivation technologies, the development of a plantation with latest generation varieties, such as nadorcott, clemenrubi, chislett, powell or fukumoto in citrus and sizemay, zinearm, zincal, zizuntre in stone fruit; was taken into account.

 The analysis of the plantation in 5 years onwards shows us that our road has been adequate and that our future is more compromised with better techniques and innovative cultivations. Due to this, El Esparragal is, nowadays, a referent farm followed by others in the Andalusian countryside.

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