New technologies

In 1999, the founders of Iberhanse foresaw the need of a different growing, suited to the needs of the time, in which innovation in different fields and application of new technologies were essential. To bet at a Varietal Unique Selection.

Apart from the usage of new varieties, it was determined to integrate new environmentally-friendly techniques to cause the least impact. The use of the significant height for irrigation, land reclamation, fauna and its protection.

The project is summarised in latest generation 900 hectares to be developed in 3 stages.

The first one (100% completed) is composed of a 300-hectare land with different varieties such as Citrus, Fukumoto, Lanelates, Powell, Chislett, Navelina, M7 and Nardocot and Stone fruit, Narly May, Zinearm, N2-117, N2-36 and Robin.

The second stage, still in process, will incorporate new varieties within our Varietal Development Citrus Genesis group.

And lastly, the third phase proposed to be developed in 2016.

Orange, outstanding quality

The Sevillian orange tree was introduced by the Romans who implemented them into the city thanks to their travels. However, it wasn’t until the Arab times in which the flavour of the Sevillian orange got started. Due to the unique conditions that our land picks up, the Sevillian oranges are a referent in quality and flavour, being, according to experts, the best ones in Spain (that’s why the Valencian exporters buy oranges from Seville).

 Our prestige has been diluted by this, but still counting with orange, which ultimately is and will always be produced in Seville; so we want to open the eyes of the world to recognize that the Sevillian orange is equal to or even better than Valencian one.

 Our growing has been the orange up to date. We have over 10 varieties to be offered during 6 months a year. We have selected the best varieties of each season to maintain our quality level. Our earliest variety is Fukumoto (Early Navel), followed by Navelinas, Navel, Navelate, Navel Foyos, Newhall, Salustianas, Lanelates, and Ultralates (Navel Powell and Chislett).

Tangerine, extremely fresh

Clementines are, and will be, a Valencian speciality that were introduced by Valencian producers into Andalusian landscapes decades ago. What is incredible about Sevillian clementines is the quality for some varieties, from the earliest to the latest ones; the intermediate varieties, due to the winds from the Atlantic, hasn’t been able to be established properly because of the high levels of stentering and the lack of aesthetic, which is essential for a clementine.

 Our technicians are conscious of this since our beginnings and we have just incorporated early varieties of clementines in our farms such as the Clemenrubi, Oronules and Orograndes; and late varieties such as Nadorcott, Clemcott, expecting to incorporate a brand of new varieties.

Peach, irresistible flavour

The Andalusian lands have been always recognized by their fruits, being the most growing in the Vega del Guadalquivir. Due to the tiny (or even absent) profitability of some obsolete varieties, producers have been pulling some hectares out with no replanting. Nowadays just 2,000 hectares are of peach production in Andalusia.

The current market is still looking for innovative alternatives, such as hybrids (Plumcott, Pluots). However, there is always a market niche for a good peach. Moreover, in Seville we have different varieties of white meat like Robin, and yellow flesh like Sizemay, Maycrest, Early Sun, Ruby Crest and Candor.

Nectarine, a real delight to the palate

The evolution of the consumption of nectarine has been increasing due to more consumers choosing this type of variety. Speaking plainly, the nectarine is a hairless peach, with some other differentiable organoleptic characteristic, but so similar. The varietal development, however, has been really superior because we can find, currently, a universe of new varieties and flavours of these nectarines.

 From our department of varietal development, we have always bet at fruits with flavour and colour, maybe sacrificing some preconsciousness in time, but guaranteeing our customers the authentic flavour of a nectarine with optimal sugar. That’s why our new varieties are on the forefront, such as Sizuntre, Zinear, Zincal, Wiowhite, Silver Sweet, White Dolphin, Sunblack, Nectar Seville, etc.

How do we collect?

Collection is one of the most important processes of fruit, a good collection means a better product. For this reason all producers associated to Iberhanse follow this step quately and with passion.

 In order to determine when the fruits are mature, they’re observed as regards their colour and they are pushed softly to confirm the consistency of the pulp.

 The first early morning hours of the day are the best for the collection of the citrus and stone fruits, avoiding, in this sense, the extreme temperatures.

 It is really important not to leisure the fruit in the collection because rotting can be produced during its conservation.

Recollection Table Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Lane Late                                          
Navel Powell                                        
Ruby Crest                                            
Nectar Sevilla                                            
White Delphin                                            
Early sun                                            
Rose Diamond                                              
Nectar Red                                            
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