The Iberhanse Group is a citrus and stone fruit producer whose headquarter is placed in Seville, with other premises located in Castellón and Badajoz (Spain).

Naturgreen has achieved to be a referent through international markets due to the perfect combination of innovation and tradition.

The stable weather of the region, together with the ideal conditions of fruit growing and easy logistic access are some of the aspects that benefit the constant production which has permitted to grow itself and takes more production farms and major productive lands.

Constant innovation of these farms and opting for R&D assures a better quality of the products without damaging the environment.

Naturgreen S.L. has 1500m2 of industrial facilities where its workers are able to process around 500,000 kgs/day of citrus or 30,000 kgs of stone fruits per day.

 Nowadays, Naturgreen is undergoing a transition of increasing the productive capacity to 1,000,000 kgs/day, turning into the major citrus and stone fruit producers of Andalusia.


22.000 m2 warehouse space

An area of 78,000 m2.

600 m2 offices


40.115 m2 total area


  • 2 ten-line calibrators with a total capacity of 500 tons/day of citrus and 300 tons/day of stone fruit.
  • 2 high-speed calibrators with electronic units.
  • 10 lines with 21 outputs which allow to gauge the fruit by its size, colour and weight. Each line is 42 meters high.


  • 7 cold chambers / fruit maturing with a total capacity of 3,780 ton. Latest generation automatic temperature control.
  • 9 cold chambers for the finished product with a total capacity of 2,900 ton. Automatic temperature control.


  • 8 fast cooling tunnels with a CAPACITY OF 30 TONS each.


Germany 18%
United Kingdom 15%
France 12%
Italy 10%
Holland 9%
Ireland 9%
Belgium 8%
Sweden 8%
Switzerland 7%
Finland 7%
Norway 6%
Poland 6%
Czech Republic 5%
Russia 5%
Arab Emirates 5%
Japan 5%
E.E.U.U. 5%
Canada 5%
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