Girsac of Orange


Orange, outstanding quality

The Sevillian orange tree was introduced by the Romans who implemented them into the city thanks to their travels. However, it wasn’t until the Arab times in which the flavour of the Sevillian orange got started. Due to the unique conditions that our land picks up, the Sevillian oranges are a referent in quality and flavour, being, according to experts, the best ones in Spain (that’s why the Valencian exporters buy oranges from Seville).

Our prestige has been diluted by this, but we’re still counting with orange which ultimately is and will always be produced in Seville; so we want to open the eyes of the world to recognize that the Sevillian orange is equal to or even better than the Valencian one.

Our main growing has been the orange up to date. We have over 10 varieties to be offered during 6 months a year. We have selected the best varieties of each season to maintain our quality level. Our earliest variety is Fukumoto (Early Navel), followed by Navelinas, Navel, Navelate, Navel Foyos, Newhall, Salustianas, Lanelates, and Ultralates (Navel Powell and Chislett).

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