Nardorcott, a recognition of our customers

The Nadorcott phenomenon is, currently, a success to be developed by many marketing managements because it is, and will be, a referent on how to carry out the development and the success of a variety.

 We can certainly say that there’s been an accumulation of successes, from the union of producers to defend the contingency of the variety, as well as a hard and real protection against illegal producers. What is true is that Nardocott as clementine is a product of great flavour and intensity; this is the success it comes from.

 Our technicians noticed that this phenomenon was a great opportunity and we took advantage of being able to reserve 25 hectares for its cultivation in our fam. Currently, we released the project and the success is a spectacular Nadorcott, catalogued as Clemcott, because, given the unique conditions of our fam, we produced Nadorcott with no seed and with a precocity above the rest of the crops in Spain. That is to say, we offer young Nadorcott with an extraordinary flavour and colour, apart from not having any seed. A great success from our staff at Naturgreen.


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